Q: About how many crab clusters in a pound (lbs)?

Commonly asked Questions:

A: Approximately 3 crab clusters.

Q: Do you offer Dine-in for your stores?

A: We're not your typical restaurant. We offer "take home, steam & eat" seafood steam pots.

Q: How many shrimp are in a pound (lbs)?

A: Approximately 31-35.

Q: Do you source any of your seafood locally?

A: Everything that's available in our local markets, we source. We always try to source the freshest, most local ingredients possible in each of our markets. These typically include shrimp, clams, and oysters.

Q: Do I boil the water or beer before I start the cooking time?

A: No, start the cook time as soon as the pot is on the stove.

Q: Can I reuse the pot after use?

A: Our pots are a single use pot. They are 100% recyclable, can be dried out and repurposed for something else. Pot will start to rust if over exposed to water.

Q: How do I place a order to be shipped within the US?

A: Visit Goldbelly.com and search Topsail Steamer.

Q: Do I have to place an order ahead of time?

A: Whatever is most convenient for you. You're welcome to place your order ahead of time, or we can make it for you while you wait in-store 5-10 minutes.   

Q: Do I leave the shrimp and scallops in the bag when they cook?

A: No, remove any items in a bag before cooking, and stir to make sure it is cooked evenly.

Q: Do I have to peel the shrimp?

A: Yes, all of our fresh shrimp come peel and eat-style. 

Q: Can I cook it on a grill?

A: You can. However, we recommend cooking on a stove top, as we do not provide specific instruction for cooking on a grill.

Q:  Is it okay for steam to be coming out of the sides?

A: Yes, you want most steam coming from the hole on top, some steam out the sides of the lid is okay. Normally the pot won't start steaming until after the first 15/20 minutes.

Q: Can we drive with it in a cooler?

A: Yes, we can include a bag of ice in your pot and also provide you ice for your cooler.

A: No, Our gift cards are only valid for in-store purchases. Which does include ordering ahead of time. 

Q: How long can the pot stay in the fridge for prior to eating?

A: Cook within 24 hours of receiving. 

Q: Can we use our Topsail Steamer gift card on Goldbelly.com?

We've got the pot. You pick the spot.